Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Meet The Flintstones

Today my wife found out how much this project is costing me so with the help from Jon's wife the two of them began showing us ways to cut cost. First they started in with the usual "I have had to learn to cut cost in the home for years so now it's time you did the same." They began with showing us how to improvise and followed it up with their new improved brake setup. "Hey, if it's good enough for Fred Flintstone it's good enough or you."

All kidding aside, today the body shop experts began going over their plan of attack and discussion as to what stays and what goes. Then a time line was agreed upon so certain projects can be addressed such as when does it go to the shop for the installation of the roll cage and then back to the body shop for painting, etc. Don't let the rusty floorpan and a few other spots fool you, on the whole scheme of things this is looking to be an awesome car.

On this day in 1895 a Portland Oregon an inventor tested a gasoline engine for propelling vehicles:

"It is intended that the propelling machinery, to be placed under a carriage, shall weigh about 100 pounds and deliver four horsepower. This machine as designed will be the last feather to crack the spine of the horse, whose ultimate destination has already been made the slaughter house by the electric railroad...when a lot of sporty fellows get out on the riverside road in buggies propelled by gasoline and some of them inhale too much benzene, the results are apt to make thrilling reading."

If he thought four horsepower was thrilling it's too bad he isn't around to get a ride in this buggy.

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