Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lucky is with us

When I was a young man I lost a good friend at much too early of an age. I will always remember him as a fine gentleman that had such a mature nature but at the same time he had a wild side that demanded respect from everyone in his presence. His name was Lucky Siewell and he was someone that everyone enjoyed calling their best friend. Lucky had one of those smiles that melted the gals and put all the guys at rest. Lucky drove one of the most beautiful Fords I have ever seen to this day. It was a red and white Ford Sunliner with the retractable hardtop that folded into the trunk and it had custom red and white tuck and roll interior. What a car and Lucky knew how to make that bad boy lit up the highway.

I was blessed to have had him and his wife Rosie as my friends like so many others. I have never forgotten Lucky and many times over the last 40 years he has stood out in my memories as being one of those guys that I wished was still around and I miss him. For that reason I would like to save a spot on this car to place Lucky's name so he can tag along in spirit as we raise some hell in Mexico. I can't think of anyone more fitting to have ridding along with us than him. Hang on Lucky, we're going to Guatemala, flipping a U-turn and coming home

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