Friday, October 06, 2006

How Jon and I ran into each other

Tomorrow Jon and I will be up bright an early and on our way for a day of racing at Sear's Point. (That would Infineon for those of you who don't speak "corporate rule.") Sears Point holds lot of special memories for both Jon and myself...Since I was a teenager I have watched many of the greatest of all time drivers work their magic at this track. Little did I know that this was destine to be one of my home tracks where I would end up spending more than my fair share of track time. Now that I think about it, this is the first place I ran into Jon... Literally. We where racing in the "California's Best Pro Sedan Series" during a championship race. At full speed coming thru the fastest section of the track Jon made a daring outside pass at the entrance of turn 9. On a good day it would have been no problem but I guess Jon forgot it was wet that day and we tapped ever so gently which caused me to begin an extremely good looking slide down the middle of the track. The end result was I backed into the tire wall in turn 10 but I was able to keep it far enough out of the wall that there was no damage and I was still able to keep my position in the race. As soon as I pulled into my paddock spot Jon was there to greet me and apologize, asking me if I was ok and to see how my car was. I remember that same smile Jon had that day and it's the same one he wears today. It's a racer's smile... the kind that can be very hard to get mad at or the same one that is warning you you're about to receive a can of "whoop-ass." Lucky for Jon it was the prior. LOL. That was my introduction to Jon and one I was lucky to enjoy.

Now this weekend Jon and I are going to Sears Point not only to race bit to meet some of the guys that are bringing cars that have ran in the La Carrera Panamericana. I am looking forward not only to meeting them and seeing their cars but also to talk to them and pick their brains for information not to mention see how their cars are set up and hear some of their stories.

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