Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Way John Nielsen Sees Things

Report from John Nielsen driver of #369 Mustang

Hello again.. well its all over for 2010.. Another Carrera down.. The last 2 days unfolded with a throw out bearing going on the clutch so we weren't able to run the last speed stage of day 6, so we got a 10 min penalty and max time for the stage. Our crew was able to get the clutch fixed over night working till 5 in the morning, so the car was ready for day 7. Thanks to Steve and Mark for that!!. We ran all the stages fast and finished 2nd for the day in class,, and we were able to climb back to a 3rd in class over all for the event.. so not bad for having two divers for 4 days.. Im sure we would have won the class if I had of drove all the days, but jack needed to learn what La carrera was all about and that was what we really came down here to do, so all and all a great finish for the both of us.. But being a competitive as I am, I wish we had of won it.. we ended up with a 1st a 2nd and a 3rd daily finish and 3rd over all.. great!! The car was great ,, was every thing I thought it could be for this race,, so was a good choice to run it.. Next year everything willing.. I will run a 51 ford crow vic in Turismo production class.. and will have my wife Emine as Navigotor again and we should be able to win in I think.. So thats it folks another carrera in the record books.. cant wait till next year,, only 364 days to go... shit!

http://www.mexsport.com.mx/mexsport/imagenes_sub.php?id1=4712 photo pages.. were the white with blue strip mustang GT350 lots og good photos,, maybe they can be blown up larger some how,, didnt see how maybe some will let me know how..cheers to all John

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