Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Frank Burany who drove in the 1951 Mexican Road Race Inducted Hall Of Fame

Chris Economaki reported that Frank and Helen Burany celebrated their 74th wedding anniversary at their winter home in Fort Myers, FL. Frank is 95 and Helen is 93. Their summer home is in Wisconsin. Frank drove in one of the Mexican road races.

National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame Frank Burany Inducted into the Hall of fame in 2003.

Never one to go for titles he still won two track Championships at St. Louis, and single track titles at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kokomo, Indiana and Farmer City, Illinois. The Walsh Stadium Champion in 1948 and ’49 turned a smooth and steady driving style into a good living by picking his races and his travels.

Frank began racing midgets in 1935 and became respected by car owners as a man who would not bend the equipment and who would place in the money. Records show at least 80 victories throughout the Midwest, Southwest and Pennsylvania including 12 National Midget Championship features. He was 4th in AAA National points in 1949 and 6th in 51. He scored National points every year for 16 years from 1948 to 1963 and placed in the top 21 five times.

Frank also drove in the 1951 Mexican Road Race. He has thrilled fans from Gilmore Stadium California to Williams Grove, Penn-sylvania. Some of his better rides included Ashley Wright’s roadster and the # 2 upright which won three AAA titles with Hall of Fame Member Shorty Templeman at the wheel. Other fine car owners that used his talents were Fred Thomshe, Frank Podriznik, Joe Subjak and the Plaza brothers. Among his other pursuits Burany flew a helicopter for the Milwaukee NBC station for 9 years.

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carson said...

Mr.Burany drove a 1951 Chrysler Saratoga of which there was a total of 15 entered and only 5 Chryslers finished
Burany was not among 'em....although one of the Chryslers did finished third overall behind two Ferrari..only 35 entries finished out of 91 starters ..