Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Great Car To Build For La Carrera Panamericana

1954 Lincoln Capri PanAm Racer - price reduced to $12,500

This is a 1954 Lincoln Capri 2 door hardtop that was built to compete in the original class of the La Carrera Panamericana race in Mexico but only raced in the Nevada Silver Star race and in the Oregon road race. The car has a built up original motor and transmission and the original rear axle. It has an 8 point roll cage, fuel cell, full racing harnesses and upgraded suspension to handle the off road race course. The oil pan is steel strap protected and the car has racing tires and wheels.

The Lincoln has an automatic transmission with a shift kit, factory power steering and power brakes and has WORKING POWER WINDOWS! The car has a California title and license plates and is now STREET LEGAL with working headlights, ride lights, turn signals, horn, etc. The charging system, brake system, cooling system and exhaust system are all in great condition too. This is a turn-key 1954 Lincoln Capri PanAm inspired race car that you can drive on the street every day.

1954 Lincoln Capri PanAm Racer - price reduced to $12,500 - 650-348-8269

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