Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Before and After

See if you can tell which is which.


bbeilharz said...

I was just looking at the picture of Derek pinned into Brad's Lincoln. As bad as my crash was, it could have been worse.

This year I ran 60 lbs of lead to make weight. It's all going into more cockpit protection.

Already have located a replacement body. This time it's a hard top - believe me when I say "it will be".

carson said...

For those that dont know Bill built this car and fabricated the cage knowing what might happen if worse came to worse . Bill is a racer, past champion in 2008 and most of all a excelent engineer who's cage saved not only him but also his co-piloto . Ps Bill was knocked out for acouple minutes but then climbed out and w/ the help of Mexican onlookers pushed the Studie over back on to it wheels and pushed/pulled it down to a flat area when it could be loaded on a trailer . THEN they BOTH show up at dinner program
that nite .When Bill says "it will be " take it to the bank. Bill, your superman in the bat mobile. giddy up