Saturday, August 01, 2009

Update On Hershel McGriff

It's official folks... Once again Hershel McGriff has made racing history by qualifying for the NASCAR Camping World Series MILLER MOTORSPORTS PARK 125 RACE at Miller Motorsports Park which will start at 1:45 today!!!

And just for the record... During the European qualifying session there were 4 groups sent out with 6 cars in each group each of which was given about 4 laps to qualify. But during Hershel's session the number 14 car blew his engine and really oiled down the track. As a result Hershel and his group were only allowed 2 laps.

Check out this Hershel McGriff interview taken earlier today. I was speaking with Janet Peery, the Nascar interviewer who nararates the popular RacingWest live reporting who shot this interview and she said, "Hershel was funny. He said some of the guys he is driving with could be his great grandkids." It's a great interview in that when Hershel was asked what he felt his best hopes for today would be you might have expected Hershel might have said he'd be happy just finishing but you'd be wrong. After all he didn't become this great just settling for finishing. The guys a winner until the day he dies and I'd be willing to wager that when he reaches Heaven the first thing he'll ask St Peter is, "Where's my helmet and when does my first race start?"

Go gett'em Hershel!

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