Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Visiting Coops Jungle

Our friend Coop told me that he has added his color film from 2008 to his flicker account after it was processed and scanned. Coop has one of the best eyes in the business and unlike many of the rest of us, he doesn't just take a picture of the elephant so to speak. Cook takes the time to get the shot that takes you right into the jungle where the elephant lives Granted I didn't see any elephants while in San Miguel de Allende with Coop last year but as you look at these photos you will grasp what I'm talking about.

Anyone who has spent time with the Coyote Convoy in San Miguel de Allende will tell you that Coop really does catch the true essence of what this place is all about. Since my wife and I spent several days walking around San Miguel de Allende prior to the arrival of the Coyote Convoy we had lots of time not only to site see but to go inside many of these unique shops and restaurants. It was an amazing week and I really enjoyed lots of stories from Hershel about his involvement in the first LCP. Like so many others, I never tire of seeing photos from any place along the La Carrera Panamericana route. Thanks Coop!

This first photo reminded me of the scene in Mel Brooks Young Frankenstien when Dr Frankenstien said, "What knockers!"

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