Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tarpy's LCP Get-Together

Some things just keep getting better and better and this years LCP get-together at Tarpys Roadhouse was no exception. Bill Hemmer and Adriana Robles do such an awesome job making sure this event such a huge success that you simply can not help but have a relaxing and wonderful time. Anyone that has ever been involved with organizing any such event knows full well how much hard work is involved in getting every little detail dealt with. Once again they left no detail out as everything went off without a hitch.

Our Gracious Host Bill Hemmer and Adriana Robles

Speaking of details, this year we even received very cool name badges which makes it so much easier to identify each other. There is nothing more embarrassing than asking someone, "Who are you?" only to have them say, "Don't you remember me? I drove with you last year." DOH!

As usual the food preparation was plentiful and to die for and no fear of not enough to drink. Oh yeah.

Master of ceremonies Gerie Bledsoe

I had such a good time visiting with Bob Young from Elkhart lake, a friend and teammate of my good friend Clyde Morter also from Elkhart Lake. Bob kept me laughing for an hour telling tales of some of his (for lack of better words) racing mishaps.

I was so surprised when these guys told me my very good friend Fancisco Ortiz from Monterey Mexico had asked to to come by and say hello.
Left to right Francisco's brother Jesus Ortiz, Gary Faules, Juan Guel Davila

On a personal note one very special reason I enjoyed this years Tarpys gathering so much was because of the premier debut of our new LCP HD DVD. Since the video is over an hour in length and includes several other features as well we only had enough time to show a short teaser but based on every one's reaction it was a huge success. The only reason we didn't sell every single one of the dvds we brought was because I hid two for myself. In a few days I will post all the details for ordering your own very exciting copy.

I had such a good time and just cant wait for the next one but I would like to thank everyone involved, especially Bill Hemmer and Adriana Robles for what is truly one of the best annual LCP events of the year.

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michael emery said...


Good to see you and the gang yesterday.

Just watched the entire Rebirth of a Legend film--GREAT WORK. I hope you get a chance to run La Carrera again. When you do, I pity those running in Historic C...

A double shot of Fortaleza Tequila to you and a Half-Nelson-of-love from Lucha Libre Racing