Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Big Day Has Arrived

It's been almost 4 years in the making but today is the big day. I'm like a little boy who finally got to open his Christmas presents on Christmas morning and just cant wait to show them to his friends. Steffan Shultz, the producer who has spent countless day and nights and hours piecing La Carrera Panamericana Rebirth Of A Legend all together after thousands of hours of building the car, testing and racing has really created the best ever La Carrera Panamericana movie production ever made and today it makes it premier debut at the Pebble Beach Monterey Historics.

As amazing as this movie will be to anyone who has ever been involved with La Carrera Panamericana it will be just as exciting to anyone who has a love affair with automotive racing. Included in this movie are some never before seen slides and movie footage from the very first La Carrera Panamericana. There are some amazing and insightful interviews with some of the most recognizable LCP participants of all time including men and women from around the world, one of the original team owners from the first LCP and the legendary Hershel McGriff himself.

Everyone who has seen it has said the same thing... "It's so good that it seemed as if it was only ten minutes long and I was left wanting more." Speaking of legendary drivers, the forward was written by none other than my dear friend Bob Bondurant himself and C. Van Tune, former Editor-in-Chief, Motor Trend & ESPN TV personality.

Other than running in La Carrera Panamericana what could be possibly better than spending an afternoon at the Monterey Historic's with a group of La Carrera Panamericana friends and watching this movie?

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Gary Grant said...

Right on! Its about time!

Maybe I'll get to have a peek later this month when I'm down your way. I'll have an extra evening :)