Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good Advice From Artist Paul Chenard

Our friend and artist Paul Chenard from Nova Scotia recently picked up these two exciting paintings on Ebay. These original paintings are of brothers Ricardo and Perdo Rodriguez. Ricardo and his brother Pedro are two of the most celebrated drivers in all of Mexico and Ricardo Rodriguez was one of F1's greatest talents in the early 1960s but died at his home Grand Prix meeting in 1962. I learned a great deal about them from Jo Ramirez who knew them personaly but CLICK HERE for what is a must read about them.

Ricardo's steering wheel after his fatal crash

Paul offers some sound advice as he suggest that this is a really good time to pick up stuff on Ebay, because no one else bidding. Knowing Paul and his outstanding collection (make that collections with an S) he knows what he's talking about.

Just last week I called Frank Ruppert (Frank sponsored the Lincolns which ran and won during the early days of LCP) and his sons and told them about some awesome photos I had found on Ebay. They were beyound excitment after they were able to pick up several very special photos they had never before seen which included their father with the famous Lincolns both in Mexico and their dealerships as well as some personal and sentimential photos.

Here are three more LCP paintings for sale on Ebay right now.

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