Friday, June 26, 2009

Little Car sure... But BIG Excitment

Those of us who were fortunate enough to meet and race with Stacy and Luca Maciucescu were in for a real treat, not just because they were the kind of racers other racers find it so easy to become friends with, but also because seeing first hand what their awesome race car could do was simply awesome.

Stacy and Luca ready to take the track at Queretaro in their #430 Abrath

They really are an awesome car and rich in racing history with an awesome racing heritage to boot and now from what I just read on THEGARAGEBLOG.COM now it seems Abrath is making a comeback. How cool is that! For the entire story CLICK HERE.

In the mean time watch the teaser of whats to come. By the way, this video has been shot in widescreen, so be sure to hit the full screen button to get the full effect. Keep your eyes on The Garage for the first full episode.

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