Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good Racing Requires Great Intuition

I'm sure it happens to everyone... How many times have you been driving in traffic and something told you that car up front was going to change lanes even though there was no turn signal? But with any great race car driver it's that same instinct that makes the difference. It may be because the other driver just makes a mistake going into a corner too hot, or it may be that he just didn't see the other car or any of a thousand other reasons but the difference is a great driver can sense these things before they happen.

My son Will is exactly that sort of person possessing that all important instinct and luckily he got the same genes from yours truly that ultimately enable him to make the right decision at the right time. This video shows exactly what I'm talking about as we were watching the Toyota Save Mart 350 last weekend at Infineon. It is near the end of the race and Boris Said is in heavy traffic attempting to catch leader Joey Lagano. Watch Boris who is in the black number 57 car as he splits two cars going into turn 4 and if you listen you can hear Will say "Boris if going to punt him!" long before it happens. Average drivers don't possess the ability to make these calls as the one who takes a wild ride.

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