Monday, June 22, 2009

A Great Ending To An Awesome Weekend

The Father's Day Nascar race at Infineon this Sunday was as awesome a day at the race track as I have ever had even though my favorite driver didn't win. After all, how often do you get to spend a day at the races with one of the biggest race legends of all time? But not only did I get to enjoy Hershel McGriff's company and watch one hell of a race but in fact one of the best NASCAR races I have ever seen.

During the race we took a break to do an interview with Hershel to be used in our new HD DVD that will debut at the Monterey Historics. Trust me when I say, if you enjoy La Carrera Panamericana you're going to LOVE this interview.

One reason the race was so exciting is because NASCAR literally copied and implemented a double-file rule change which NASA (National Auto Sports Association) has used for sarting races for as many years as I can remember. I am proud to say every race I ever ran with NASA was using a double-file starts which makes for exciting racing. On many of the talk shows I listened too for the week prior to this race there was lot of speculation as to how good or bad double-file restarts would be or if it would show a popular result but I am here to tell you... The NASCAR fans LOVED double-file restarts! Nascar showed what a class act they were by listening to their fans suggestions with regards to double-file restarts but they should have hired Jerry Kunzman a long time ago and they could have learned a lot more.

After the race I overheard several drivers including winner Kasey Kahne talk openly about how much they enjoyed double-file restarts and how much more exciting the race was as a result.

Kasey Kahne with Tony Stewart hot on his tail in turn 2 on the final double-file restart.

Anyone who has ever been to a NASCAR race will tell you there is never a dull moment as you can see from some of these pre-race photos.

Now before anyone writes me just let me say, this first photo is NOT upside down. The Redbull stunt helicopter was performing loop-d-loops one right after another, something that not so many years ago was said to be impossible.

As for those who think I'm pulling your leg, just watch.

Speaking of helicoptors, Nascar and Infineon, never let it be said that we do things half-arsed here in California. Just check out how the winner's trophy for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series was delivered to Infineon Raceway prior to the race via an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew, from Coast Guard Air Station San Francisco. Be sure to take note of the white gloves used to receive it. Talk about Pomp and Circumstance!

Here is another fly-by during the opening ceremonies.

Fighter jets performed numerous stunts as well as an awesome fly-by during the National Anthem.

The start of the race turn 2 behind the pace car.

This is where Will spent the day with friends in some of the party tents.

The Oakland Police Department was in attendance for the event and they asking for donations for the families of four Oakland Police officers who were recently killed in the line of duty and from what I was told the NASCAR fans really came through in a substantial way.

One of several fly-by's this one being the United States Coast Guard.

Jeff and Jimmy going at it early on.

One of Robby Gordon's trailers parked by Hershel's rig. Notice the air conditioned pop up viewing area on top for spotters.

These last two photos of turn 7 were for fun just to show the difference in attendance between Saturday race and Sunday.

Saturday's Race.

Sunday's race

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