Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Anyone Know Where To Get An Exorcisim For A LCP Race Car?

Some of you may recall the story told by Othon Garcia which was about a ghost that lives in his beautiful black Buick. CLICK HERE FOR STORY

Well it seems that the problem as what to do with the ghost is no longer Othon's problen since he has sold it to French citizen Hilaire Damiron a former world GP motorcycle racer. If there was ever an award given for best sounding LCP race car, this would be the winner hands down.

Now the big question is... Does Hilaire Damiron know how to speak Ghost?

On the other hand Othon has yet another surprise that really gets my juices flowing. Just take a look at his replacment for the Buick. I knew there was something special about Othon the minute I first met him.

"Old Crow" Mustang Car by Othon Garcia

The task was to take all the distinctive elements from the plane and fit them in a "balanced" way into the Ford Mustang ( the proportions and shape from a P-51 to a Mach1 are quite different). The results are fantastic!!!

On a side note, this car not only might be the only one painted this way; it is also one of the very few with this original/factory made small window in the back sides (even a Mustang guy will admit that this is the first one he has ever seen). The story goes that back in mid 1973 Ford Mexico knew that the 74 Mustang had a new smaller line and they wanted to get rid of the few remaining 73 Mach 1s. Thus they put this strange window and call it a "mid 73 special edition". Therefore the window was just a "marketing gimmick" to push late sales. I do not know if the strategy worked, but I am glad they did it 'cause it looks great. Othon

Othon and Master Mechanic and friend Fritz Kukutchka


carson said...

very cooool indeed
only missing one thing...
a gun sight on da hood

novi56@netzero.net said...

There are "Aeroplane-type" hood ornaments, w/propeller, that would look great epoxied to the bloody bonnet!