Saturday, May 23, 2009

Maybe I'm Taking The Wrong Car... Not!

Very impressive when you consider these guys did it in 22 minutes way back in 1920 and today the record is about 10 minutes.

In 1920, Lexingtons placed 1st and 2nd on the 1920 Pike's Peak hill climb. The drivers were Otto Loesche and Albert M Cline. Otto Loesche was also winner of Indy 500 fame. He repeated his victory in PPIHC in 1924.

From advertisement in Washington Post, Sep 6, 1920.

Stock "Thorobred" Wins Famous Pike's Peak Hill Climb Against Big Field!
In the famous Pike's Peak hill climbing race two Lexington Thorobred Sport models swept the field - a field filled with special cars, piloted by the crack racing drivers of the country.

Some idea of what this superb victory means may be gained from the fact that the road rises from a elevation of over 5,000 feet to 14,109 feet, or practically 3 miles in the 12.5 mile course.

Skidding into dangerous curves, bounding over ruts, stones, ice and bowlders, Loesche first and Cline second, jammed the Lexingtons through the blinding snowstorm to victory.

The weather was so cold that goggles froze to the pilots' faces; one driver had to be lifted from his seat. It was a test of courage and a test of mettle. .... Both cars were stock cars in every detail except for a special body.

Lexington First Time 22:25 2-5
Lexington Second Time 22:30 4-5

You will never put such a severe strain on your car as did LOESCHE and CLINE but it is comforting to know your LEXINGTON has reserve power and strength; that it will deliver in pinches without complaint.

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