Saturday, May 16, 2009

Everyone Has Their Own Way Of Doing Things

During my years of racing and owning teams I have always been amazed at the vairous driving styles and the drivers performing them. Even more interesting is while racing on the exact same track under the exact same conditions how many various lines, braking points, apex each one will take and even more interesting is they will typically be within hundredths of a second of each other.

Having studied countless hours of in-car footage of some of drivers who have driven for me I find it amazing how some will be steering, shifting, braking and driving like a mad man while another looks as if he is going for a Sunday drive in the country-side and both of them truing the exact same lap time.

Today I found these two in-car videos of two different drivers driving two different GT350s in the historic Noosa Hill Climb better known as "The Hill which is the the premier hill climb event in Australia. If you watch these two videos you will clearly see exactly what I am talking about. As a matter of fact, the second video showing a mad max driver who is sliding thru the corners, hands going crazy on the wheel, wide open throttle and so on actually turns a slower time than the first driver. The first video shows a smooth driver more in control. Of course he's not nearly as fun to watch but he would get my vote for a driver if I was looking for one.


Francisco Ortiz said...

is rare see a mustang with rigth stering whell too

carson said...

Yeeecks....looks like the driver was having a hard time keepin up with that twin turbo 351W....