Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Inspection Time

This week I have removed the transmission and scatter shield to inspect the clutch and scatter shield alignment and I will be replacing some minor parts including a pilot bushing and throwout bearing. I love getting ready for an event like this.

It's early but as anyone who races knows time can really run out fast when preparing for a race so I wont take anything for granted. Tentatively, Gerie Bledsoe and I will be leaving the S.F. bay area on July 10th for the 2 day drive to Manitou Springs at the foot of Pikes Peak. If you act soon, if someone who would like to share the ride out and back drop me a note.


Francisco Ortiz said...

Gary the pilot bushing only have about 3000 miles!

Gary Faules said...

Something didnt look right and the TOB made some noise the last 3 times I took it apart.