Sunday, May 24, 2009

Big Shout Out To Blanco Basura Racing!

Team California's Best would like to congratulate Colin Herricks Team for an outstanding showing in the 24 Hours of Lemons at Reno. Many of you will remember Colin and his father ran with us during the 2007 La Carerra Panamericana in a late model Mini and two finer gentleman racers you will never meet. After a good start on Saturday his team Blanco Basura Racing, went on to finish an awesome 1st in class and 2nd overall.

On a more important note Team California's Best would like to congratulate Colin and his lovely wife on their new addition to their family. I would post a photo of their new baby girl too except for the fact she hasnt arrived just yet but real soon. It looks like a great year for some great friends.


carson said...

a big way to go to Colin and his Dad on their class win and 2nd overall in the 24 hr of Lemons @ Reno
also congrats to Colin and his wife on the upcoming birth of their baby
Colin and his Dad were great sports in the '07 la carrera

Herrick Racing said...

Thanks a bunch fellas! I have big plans for my daughter to drive my support rig in Mexico in about 18 years. ;)

We sure did surprise ourselves this weekend at LeMons. Had incredibly good luck, and stayed clear of the judges!

Gary Faules said...

How funny you should mention your daughter. Carson and I were just talking about the growing number of women in our sport and what a wonderful addition they are. But I got news for ya buddy... You better not plan on here driving the support rig because she very well could be driving in the race.