Thursday, February 19, 2009


Some of you may recall not long ago I had an encounter with a couple of California's Best and finest Highway Patrolman. OK, so one was the finest and one was less so. In that post I explained that while on my way to one of my accounts to pick up a vehicle a CHP officer saw me talking on my cell phone, pulled me over and let me go. But during the return ride back another CHP pulled me over and cited me for visual obstructions. SEE OLD POST HERE.

And since today was my court day I thought I would let you know how things turned out. After a few pleasantries with the judge he asked me how I pled and I pled not guilty and proceeded to prove my case. I explained that I was simply doing my job as a professional and at the request of one of my accounts I had been asked to pick up the vehicle in question and find a way to remove the items that were obtrusive and an obstruction in the window on the far right hand side of the passenger's windshield. I also submitted a properly filled out and authorized invoice accompanied with photos (before and after) showing that in fact they had been removed. It was during this time that His Honor began to grin and then he looked at me and said, "Mr Faules... It appears your momma didn't raise no fool." I just smiled and kept my mouth shut. Then the judge said, "It is clear to this court that Mr Faules was only doing his job and the infraction has been dealt with both in a responsible and professional manner." Case dismissed.

He was still grinning at me when I looked back.

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