Thursday, February 26, 2009

LCP Rebirth Of A Legend DVD... It's The Cat's Meow

I just received word from the producers of our La Carrera Panamericana Blu-Ray HD DVD that it will be making it's official debut during the weekend of the reknown Monterey Historics. The preview will be shown at Tarpys Roadhouse which is the same place where last years La Carrera Panamericana Fiesta was hosted by Bill Hemmer and is wife Adriana Robles whom are also hosting this years gala event and from what I hear is expected to be considerably larger than last year. Last years event was very successful and I am really looking forward to having a great time and watching the debut of the DVD with a lot of LCP friends. You can expect to see more here regarding the date and times for this upcoming event in the near future.

If you can, be sure to mark your calenders for this most celebrated car weekend of the year. Come on down and spend some time at Laguna Seca watching some of the most beautiful cars in the world compete in the Monterey Historic Races as well as take a look at some of the most amazing hardware ever driven on display. Tarpys Roadhouse is only minutes away which makes for one of the best ways imaginable for any car enthusiast to spend a day.

You have no idea how excited I am about this DVD and understandably so considering you have not seen the quality and expertise that has gone into it. I will stake my entire reputation that there isn't a single person that will be able to say any other LCP movie, film or video will even remotely come close to being as exciting, stimulating, impressive or sensational as this one. I wont even begin to attempt to tell you what all is in this with regards to racing, interviews, never before seen photos and more but I do know you you better not have a weak heart while viewing it. Borrowing one of my grandfather's old sayings... Its the cat's meow.

Stay Tuned for the Jon & Gary Show.

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Nickster said...

Any Idea How I can get a hold of Bill Hemmer. I'm having trouble tracking him down.