Monday, February 16, 2009

It Was Raining All Over The World

Albeit a wet one Nitrus the wonder dog, my wife and I enjoyed the drive up to San Francisco and on up to Infineon Raceway yesterday to watch watch Will start this years series. The action began before we even got to San Francisco let alone the track since right in the lane just ahead of we saw not one but three major traffic accidents all of which were on the freeway at speeds of 70 to 80 miles per hour. It was crazy considering there was high winds and pouring like hell. Some people just never seem to learn.

Like I said in yesterdays post Will was DQ'd for being underweight the day before so he had to start in the middle of the pack on Sunday. He got a good start and in the first lap was already up to third place. On the second lap I was shooting a video of him passing a car just before heading into the high speed esses (on slicks in the rain no less) and then he began his attack on the first place car and it was only lap two. Unfortunately he got too aggressive (whats new?) as he came to the rear bumper of the first place car and took a big ride into the wall at speed. (Video too poor quality to post.) He managed to finish the race but not with any great results. All he had to say was, "Probably should have used rain tires ya think?"

On the way back home we listened to the Nascar race on the radio and low and behold it was called due to rain. I never realized until now that Electric Light Orchestra's song All over the world was a song about racing...

She cried to the southern wind
About a love that was sure to end
Every dream in her heart was gone
Headin' for a Showdown

Bad dreamer, what's your name
Looks like we're ridin' on the same train
Looks as through there'll be more pain
There's gonna be a Showdown

And it's rainin' all over the world
It's raining all over the world
Tonight, the longest night

She came to me like a friend
She blew in on a southern wind
Now my heart is turned to stone again
There's gonna be a Showdown

Save me, oh save me
It's unreal, the suffering
There's gonna be a Showdown

And it's rainin' all over the world
It's raining all over the world
Tonight, the longest night

Will takes the lead and wins on Saturday with dry track.

Will demonstrating his new lightweight front bumper.


Spyderman said...

The rain is good, Ca really needs it, but even more it needs that snow in the Sierra's. Wil needs you to install an "experienced old guy says" radio in his car so you can remind him every now and then about patience being a virtue, you gotta finish to win, hare and turtle story, all that kinda stuff, LOL!!!!

Gary Faules said...

Will thinks he and I ARE the turtle and the hare.

carson said...

leason learned ...there is something to be said about "drivin patience" , weather a 12 lap sprint, a 500 mile Daytona or the 7day La Carrera ... or the commute home on the freeway
I see that there was heavy damage in the Camaro-Mustange Challenge yesterday , also in the rain @ Infineon
perhaps it's a risk vs reward decison that comes with age to live to fight another day

Gary Faules said...

Thats correct. Paul said he would send me some photos ahnd yes the M/C suffered a lot of damage.

The truth is Will knows better and even said if he could kick himself in tha ass he would. Ha had that race all but won but needs toi learn patience.

Gary Faules said...

You are correct in that patience is a virtue in racing but there is another way of looking at all this too. How many time will a driver ever wonder if he can finish when his tires are slick and it starts raining? Will always seems to know his limits and now he may have even more useful knowledge than he had before. Any driver who can compete under any adverse conditions and have the ability to tell himself, "I KNOW the car will hold. I've done it before." has a distinct advantage. Nothing ventured... Nothing gained.