Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Weekend And Lots Going On

Just kidding.... This is a great weekend to enjoy family and loved ones from all over. Here is my grandson all excited as he runs to give the flowers he picked out for his Nana. Like they say, one photo is worth a thousand words.

This weekend is a busy one with Jon's new BMW just about finished and ready to race and it really is a beautiful car. Team member (and #1 son) Will Faules is starting off the seasons points race in the fairly new BMW spec class this weekend at Infineon Raceway. (Sears Point) I will be joining him tomorrow and will get some photos posted later in the day.

Based on the economy there has been a poor showing thus far with regards to La Carrera Panamericana entries and because of so many bad crashes during last years race several have written me about their concerns. Hey, its racing and the best advice I can offer is do not drive past your and you car's ability.

Next weekend we will be gathering at Club Sportiva in San Francisco for a Carrera Express Fiesta being hosted by our good friends Che and Carienn Voigt which is sure to be a great gathering of friends, grog and grub.

EDIT: Today Will won his race but was DQ'd. While making a pass another car tore off Wills bumper estimated to be about 35 pounds. After the race when Will was sent to impound his car was 15 pounds underweight. There's always tomorrow and lots of rain is expected. Should be awesome.


Spyderman said...

You'd think the inspectors would take the torn off bumper into consideration or at least let Will go round up the bumper and throw it in the back. After racing FIA years ago and SCCA amd NASCAR I'm really not surprised. I always chalked it up to inspectors having a "wanna be" attitude.

Gary Faules said...

If they didn't have rules like that some teams would fasten bumpers on with nylon fasteners for obvious reasons while hoping it would get torn of.