Sunday, February 22, 2009

If You Must Lose, Only Do It To The Very Best.

Doing well in any sport is rewarding to say the least but to dominate that same sport is a challenge only legends are able to do. There is no great athlete in any sport that likes or accepts defeat or losing but those same athletes will tell you if they are beaten hopefully it will only be by the best there is.

As I reminisce the 2007 20th (XXth) anniversary running of La Carrera Panamericana which Jon and I competed and finished 9th overall in, which by the way was the largest to date with more than 100 teams (20 more than the usual limit) ever run. It gives me great satisfaction to know that we raced against one of the finest La Carrera Panamericana racing legends of all time. I am speaking on none other than Pierre de Thoisy from France. Knowing so much of the history of La Carrera Panamericana I find it amazing to actually put it in writing that Pierre is the only 7 time winner of this amazing race. Anyone that has been involved will agree it is simply an unbelievable accomplishment.

Pierre did not run the 2008 running of the LCP and reports where that was because of a career change. Lucky for Jon and I that we were blessed to have been able to have raced against such an awesome racer and gentleman because now the official reports out of France are that Pierre de Thoisy has officially hung up his helmet and gloves and retired from racing. I find it somewhat saddening that we will not be able to run against him again but on the flip side of the coin I consider it our good fortune to know that we raced with one of the very best there ever was and very humbling as well.

Join us in wishing Pierre de Thoisy good fortune in whatever he does and remembering him for what he was... A gentleman and one hell of a race car driver.

Footnote; With no disrespect to other great LCP champions, isn't it interesting to wonder who who would win between the likes of returning WRC World Champion Stig Blomqvist and Pierre de Thoisy?

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