Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some Years Are Just Better Than Others

I hate to say it but I'm still living the awesome memory of 2007 when my good friend and teammate Jon and my son and I ran the 20th anniversary La Carrera Panamericana. Not only did we finish but in fact we accomplished something I have never heard of any other team doing in their first attempt... we finished in the top 8 overall.

Not only are we extremely satisfied with our achievement but the friends we made along the way are a bonus that is as rich and rewarding as any treasure ever found in the Sierra Madres. It was exciting, adventuresome, rewarding and there are more than 10,000 more adjectives that couldn't possibly describe it all. But what I can tell you is once you have been there you will never forget it, regardless of the outcome. Fortunately, for Jon, Will and myself it's one we will not soon want to forget. What does the future hold in store for us now? I'm not sure but it most certainly holds the dream of returning and knowing what to expect rest assured next time we won't be holding it back to 80 percent.


Today, one of my new La Carrera Panamericana friends sent me the best possible New Years gift anyone could have sent. Johnny Tipler, author of the "LA CARRERA PANAMERICANA 'The World's Greatest Road Race'" sent me some photos from across the pond of Jon and I tearing up some memorable highways with Lucky the GT350R in Mexico. I can't begin to thank him enough let alone try to remove the smile from my face. Every time I see these I find myself strapped in Lucky's seat and can feel all that awesome power and handling all over again as if it was only minutes ago. Thanks Johnny!

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