Saturday, December 20, 2008

God's Speed Eduardo Cademartori

Eduardo Cademartori hugs friends Courtney Ford, left, and Cam Amici in his hometown of DeLand, Fla. Cademartori, who was in Wisconsin for training with the race-car team.

It saddens me to report that Eduardo Cademartori son of renowned Argentinian artist Hector Cademartori has passed away. Many of us knew Hector Cademartori through his passion of art. Hector designed and painted the 20th commemorative anniversary La Carrera Panamericana poster and has been designing the official Carrera Panamericana posters since 1988.

After coming to the U.S. Hector began to specialize in motor racing art and raised a family and began selling illustrations and paintings to racing teams, corporations, magazines and private parties. His art can be found in and on Dan Gurney's All American Racers offices, Indianapolis 500 Yearbook covers, laguna Seca Raceway, California Speedway, the Carrera Panamericana posters, NHRA offices, foreign and domestic automobile and motorcycle magazines, motorcycle manufactures offices and many mother places.

On Sunday, Dec. 7, family and friends of Eduardo Cademartori learned the 27-year-old DeLand man was on life-support at Meriter Hospital in Madison, Wis., with brain and spinal injuries sustained in a fight just one block from Crave Restaurant and Lounge, where Cademartori had been celebrating his arrival in Madison with coworkers.

A police officer had found Cademartori unconscious on the downtown Madison sidewalk about 2 a.m. Sunday morning. Two men, ages 19 and 22, were arrested and charged in the assault Sunday.

Cademartori had been in Madison about a week in connection with his work as a racing mechanic for Level5 Motorsports. News of the tragedy traveled faster than the award winning racecars Cademartori was highly regarded for working on.

Argentina born Cademartori had grown up in Los Angeles, where he graduated from high school and began his career in racing. His work took him all over the United States and the world. About two years ago, he bought a house in DeLand after being hired by BlackForest Motorsports Group, based on the DeLand Municipal Airport.

Cademartori quickly became a beloved member of the community through his outgoing nature, genuine personality, positive energy, and a sense of humor that literally many times left friends rolling on the ground laughing. In a very short time, Cademartori had made a home, not just as a resident, but as one of DeLand's familiar smiling faces.

Speaking for the entire La Carrera Panamericana community we would like to express our deepest condolences to the Cademartori family and share our thoughts and prayers.

Eduardo leaves behind his mother and father Hector and Florencia and his two sisters Mercedes and Florencia who reside in La Verne, California. Anyone wishing to express their personal feelings I would be more than glad to forward them on to his family.

5 comments: said...

Please pass on my sincere condolences to the Cademartori Family. It's such an incredibly tragic loss of someone with so much promise.
God Speed, Eduardo.

Gary Faules said...

They are reading it as I type this. Thank you.

St. Michael said...


I tried to find a private email but could not.

As a friend of the Cardemartori's I thought a note of correction important. Mercedes is Eduardo's little sister.

God bless you for sharing this story about the Cademartori family. They are very special indeed.


Gary Faules said...


Thank you so much for helping me make that correction.

Drea said...

I was blessed to have seen and spent some quality time with Eduardo on his last visit to California this past November. I met him when we where only 17 and he was a wonderful person. It is hard to put into words how saddened I am to have learned of his death. My heart goes out to his parents and two sisters. He will never be forgotten. He will be missed.