Sunday, September 26, 2010

Would You Loan Your Car To A World Famous Rally Driver? Hell Yes!

I just got the coolest letter from my good friend Othon Garcia in Mexico. I laughed very hard when he said, "Unfortunately he returned the car without a single scratch." Thanks Othon!

Dear Gary:

Last Friday something out of the ordinary happened to me: I received a call asking me if I could lend my Camaro to Harri Rovanperä!!! It turns out that he was in San Miguel de Allende and wanted to go take a look at the speed stages around Queretaro and he didn’t have a proper car to do so.

So of course I said yes! How many time a top World Rally celebrity asks you for a car?!

Unfortunately he returned the car without a single scratch… I was hoping for at least a small bump as a souvenir so if people ask me “what happened to your Camaro?” I could have answer: “well, I lent it to Harri Rovanperä and there you go! These Finish World Rally Championship winners can not be trusted now!”

By the way I turns out that Harri is a Mustang guy. He told me he owns a 800 HP Super Snake. Nonetheless he conceded the Camaro was a very nice car despite being 60K USD cheaper than his Mustang!


P.S. Harri came to my home with his 8 years old son Kalle. Take a look at Kalle's driving videos in Youtube!!!!

Othon G

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