Thursday, September 23, 2010

Check Out These Awesome Photos

These never before seen photos were sent to me by my very good friend Reno who lives in Mexico and is an avid car guy like the rest of us and he has worked very hard at acquiring them. He bought the original photos from mr. Olivares (82 years old now) who was hired by the Mexican Newspaper Novedades to follow all the original 5 LCP races and take professional shots for them. Besides Reno and myself this is the very first time these photos have been seen by anyone. CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE. Enjoy.

Oaxaca Arch

Check out the gala dinner festivities with the formal dinner and the race cars.

A.K. Miller getting some srvice on his car

McAfee Robinson Ferrari 375

The Borgward team

The President's sponsored Cadillac

Writing on the back says "The fatal crash of Che Estrada Menocal from Guadalajara." There are 2 cars there and the bottom one is an early 50's Packard. Notice the smoke still coming up from the Packard, so the photographer jumped down to the place just after the fatality occurred.

Reno wrote; Gary, this pic is quite interesting and impressive at the same time. This was taken just few hours from Felice Bonetto's fatal crash in Silao before starting that lap. An old gentleman driver from DF which was a young kid at that time was exactly were this photo was taken so he was besides Mr Olivares when he was taking this shot. This man is now 71 years old and when I showed him this after he was astonished to see it and he told me the full story. What a great coincidence.

Ferrari 22 Franco Cornacchia

Ferrari Team Car

XK120 Jaguar Roadster

Pedro Villegas Becerril Lancia

Lancia DB 24

Karl Kling

Juan Manuel Fangio

Piero Taruffi

Phil Hill

Phil Hill

Mercedes Team Car

Mercedes Gull Wing

Leaving dealership after service. I thought that was a young boy on the left sporting the pair of Converse tennis shoes until I saw his mustache.

Check Point


carson said...

great photos of brave men and beutifull cars...
except it looks like el Presidente's Caddy had a tough day !
Thanks Reno

Gary Faules said...

Carson, I am sure you are familier with the great history behind that car during that race. Great reading for sure.

Francisco Ortiz said...

Reno and Gary
Wow! awesome pics!
thanks for share it

carson said...

the look on the face of Ferrari 22 Franco Cornacchia is either the look of determined focus
or... too many chapulinas
( crickets ) in Oaxaca last night.

Gary Faules said...

Carson, he looks more like someone they picked up at the morgue. LOL.

382 said...

Great photos!, Thank you for sharing this.
Looking forward to the PanAm 2010