Thursday, September 09, 2010

Safety, It Don't Matter Who You Are, It's Dangerous In Mexico

Just yesterday the mayor of San Luis Potosi, a small town in Mexico's Naranjo state that borders violent Tamaulipas state, was shot to death while sitting at his desk in City Hall. The victim, Alexander Lopez Garcia, was the third Mexican mayor to be murdered in the last month.

Authorities also announced Wednesday that they had found the bodies of a Tamaulipas prosecutor and police chief who had been investigating the massacre of 72 migrants last month.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton indicated that she felt Mexico is becoming the new Colombia. She said Wednesday that Mexico's drug cartels are blossoming into an insurgency, a shift in American position that indicates the drug wars may be getting worse.


Jorge said...

Gary, the town is Naranjo and the state is San Luis Potosi.

Gary Faules said...