Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vintage Mercedes SLS AMG LCP Video

A special thank you to my friend Lars Kroiss from Salzburg, Austria also a La Carrera veteran who sent me this awesome video about the new Mercedes SLS AMG. Don't be fooled when you begin watching as it starts out with a shortened version of Schuhmacher driving the new Gullwing over the roof of a tunnel which most of you have already seen. Then there is a Mercedes piece about their new Hybrid driven in New York. But stay tuned because the good part is the 3rd article about the Gullwings in Mexico complete with some awesome film footage from back in the day.



Control HidrĂ¡ulico said...

I have already seen this one. When it was filmed and digitally produced Shumi was still working for Ferrari. The he entered into F1again and signed with Mercedes and he was added to it. As far as I know this is correct.


Gary Faules said...

Jorge, but did you watch the section of it in Mexico?

Anonymous said...

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Gary Faules said...

That depends what your site is. What is your site?