Friday, April 16, 2010

Brad Kaplan's Reply To Open Door Policy

I emailed Brad asking about the photo of his open door (see previous post here) and here was his reply...

Hi Gary-
After exhaustive research, we have concluded it was neither a failed latch nor the enhanced
braking that was caught on film.
The actual answer, has been narrowed down to these possibilities:

1) Checking to see if we remembered to take the skirts off.

2) We were confirming what type of road-kill we just created.

3) We were checking out our cool shadow.

4) We were settling the bet "Do we have curb feelers?

5) The door was open to extend Derek's right foot to help "Fred Flinstone" us up the hill.

6) We were geeting ready to take on passengers (Locals needing a ride to the next town or Corona Girls...)

7) We were dumping the melted ice out of the ice chest.

But we can't leave out:
"If you you're going to get sick, please open the door!"

We can't wait for the race.
See you there.
PanAm Forever!,
Brad & Derek and the whole Trojan Racing Team.

PS-Thanks always to Gerie Bledsoe, the time he puts in to keep the North American
teams rolling often goes unnoticed hardly ever thanked. THANK YOU Gerie!!


carson said...

I vote for # 7
" Dumping out the ice water from cooler "
giddy up

George Sullivan said...

I'm going with "If you you're going to get sick, please open the door! Fernando on Brad's team had some real good tequila and they had to much the night before.

mjb said...

I second the motion! Viva La Carrera Panamericana!!! =)