Sunday, April 18, 2010

The MOST EXCITING LCP Video News In Years!

Yes I am excited. A while back I was privileged to be allowed to post some never before seen photos of the 1954 La Carrera Panamericana. These original slides were taken by Ina Mae Overman, and Stanley Dean Miller. But now things are getting even better. Ina Mae Overman and her daughter, Mary Ellen, has given me permission to share the following never before seen movies which they took during the 1954 La Carrera Panamericana. Regretably there is no sound so forgive the music I added but believe me in now way will it take anything away from this visit back in time.


Originally, Ina Mae Overman and Stanley Dean Miller were going to be the support team for AK Miller and also take AK's spare tires down to Mexico for him. They were well prepared for the adventure and used Ina Mae Overman's beautiful little 53 Ford pickup all set up complete with logos on it which inadvertently helped them deal with logistics not at all like the service teams of today. Eventually the Lincoln team took the tires for AK Miller which gave Ina Mae Overman and Stanley Dean Miller plenty of time to shoot this awesome footage. Anyone that knows anything about La Carrera Panamericana will surely enjoy this incredible peek back in time at some of the most exciting and historically significant racing footage in existence.

You will see never before seen footage of AK Miller, Phil Hill, Mickey Thompson, many of the big name factory teams from all over the world including the Volkswagen team, and so much more. But also this film gives a good look at the lifestyle of many of the Mexican citizens in a natural setting.

Please enjoy this video and a very special thanks to Mary Ellen and to the Overman Family collection by Ina Mae Overman for sharing them.

NOTE: After starting video click on 4 arrows in lower right hand corner for full screen.

1954 La Carrera Panamericana from Gary on Vimeo.



Francisco Ortiz said...

Thank you Gary

carson said...

mucha gracias to the Overman Family for sharing this great footage. What a treat to see the original teams and their cars ,the beautiful Mexican people and even a cho-cho train .we are indeed fortunate to follow in their tire tracks.
thanks Gary...ride like da wind

382 said...

Gary, thank you so much, for this great Video !!!