Friday, September 18, 2009

Rare La Carrera Panamericana Photos

Recently it was my pleasure to become Internet friends with Mary Ellen, who not only loves Shelbys as much as I do but also has some amazing photos taken during the 1954 La Carrera Panamericana. These original slides were shot by her mother, Ina Mae Overman, and her uncle, Stanley Dean Miller. They weren't involved with any of the participants however they did take some awesome photos of the race.

Enjoy this first edition of rare slides and a very special thanks to Mary Ellen and to the Overman Family collection by Ina Mae Overman for sharing them.


They were well prepared for the adventure in that Stanley Dean Miller used Ina Mae Overmanhad's beautiful little 53 Ford pickup all set up complete with logos on it which inadvertently helped them deal with logistics not at all like the service teams of today. After their return from Mexico Stanley purchased the Pick up.

A.K. Miller's famed hot rod El Caballo de Hierro or The Iron Horse.

Phil Hill and Richie Gunther, in his factory preppared Ferrari

#16 Jaguar XK120 driven by Oscar Fano Bush and Barajas

Driven by Keith Andrews and Blu Plemons the #127 was a privately funded 1954 Cadillac Series 62 coupe that challenged the factory-backed teams, beating all of them on the final two stages.

#117 Lincoln Capri driven by Tony De Rosa and Bustos

#110 Cadillac Series 62 driven by Stringer and Wood

#238 Studebaker Commander driven by Scott F.Yantis

#212 Ford driven by Dan Morgan and Valchucks

Based on these next few slides this was a pretty challenging corner for the big cars of the day and it's a good thing there was lots of run off room.

#123 Lincoln Capri driven by Luis Rafael Garzon and Luis Alfonso Murcia


Sol Shine Alternatives said...


Some great pictures! Here is a link to some very rough footage that we have from our 2008 trip. You'll probably have to copy and paste it. A lot of it is in Spanish and needs to be translated. I am driving back across the country from VA to WY this November, but have about 20 hrs of footage that I want to turn into a movie, or share with whomever I can. Most of it related to racing, waste vegetable oil, and bio-diesel. Hope all is well. I'll be in touch.


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Great shots!