Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ford Helps Open Their Eyes

Anyone that knows me will tell you there is no doubt that I am a die-hard Ford fanatic. But what many do not know is that there was a time in my life when I was totally blind and even then Fords played a huge roll in my life.

During my "dark" years I was fortunate that my friends didn't treat me as handicapped or different and that was probably the single biggest concern I had during that time. People who have disabilities don't see themselves as disabled... We see ourselves as able to overcome adversity that others haven't been challenged with yet and the very last thing we want is to think someone feels sorry for us.

During those dark days (over four years worth) I had a lot of fun with my buddies. On several occasions they would take me out in a 64 Mustang and let me drive while they served as my eyes and told me when to give it gas, turn, and brake. One of those times that stands out the most in my memory was the night they told me to brake quickly as I was driving down main street in my small hometown when a state policeman pulled us over to tell us we had a taillight out. I have no idea how we managed to pull that off. Ironically it was probably the look of fear in my eyes that led the officer to believe he had done his job as he told us to get it fixed and drive careful before getting back into his criuser and leaving us sitting there. Can you imagine the look on his face had he asked me for a driver's license after I told him I didnt need one because I was blind. Well, if he had he wouldnt have had to take me very far becaause we were parked right in front of the local city jail.

In my case, I was blessed with the rare opportunity of regaining my vision thru a miraculous event that forever changed my life. It's impossible for me to put into words the emotional roller coaster ride I took today as I watched the three following videos that I want to share with you. Please click on the following link and watch these three short videos and be sure and watch how Ford made these people living in darkness enjoy life like nobody else ever could.


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