Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It's All About Being Focused

How focused are you when you drive? Do you enjoy the scenery as you go? If so how keen are your observation skills?

To help make my point let me ask you if you have ever seen the awareness test video with two teams each wearing different colored shirts handing off a ball to each other and you are supposed to count how many times the ball changes teams? Go ahead, watch the following video.

How did you do? Now watch the following video of John Nielson and Emine Wright in the #552 Daytona Coupe on a speed section and while watching it keep in mind all of us ran this exact section of road. Let me give you a clue where I'm going with this... What amazed me about it was NOT ONCE did I ever see a cactus during any of the speed stages during the 2007 LCP. It wasn't until after the race that I saw photos that included cactus let alone anything else. On the other hand, I have total recollection of every single bridge, tope and curve on the entire route. One of these days it would fun to drive the entire route so I could see where I have been.

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