Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lucky in Jay Leno's Garage


It seems all the celebrity late night talk shows host enjoy cars, especially fast ones. Back in the early 80's not only did I have the privilege of meeting Johnny Carson in person but I also got to work on one of his Corvettes while he was in Northern California. After I finished working on Carson's Corvette for a few days he picked it up but before he left we talked cars for a while and surprizingly he was extreamly knowlegable with anything automovite. I told him I was upset that I didn't know he was coming and that I didn't have my camera. He laughed when I said, "Well, it's not like I don't get to see your face every week night anyway is it?" With his charm and a smile he agreed but even so, a few days later I recived an autographed photo.

Everyone knows about David Letterman's affliction with speed both in his personal involvement of Rahal Letterman Racing in the Indy Racing League as well as all the tickets he seems to get on the highways. And don't forget Jay Leno. It seems Jay Leno's Garage is quickly becoming a popular place to see La Carrera Panamericana race cars as well. A few days ago even Lucky graced Jay Leno's collection and so did Michael Emery's 67 Datsun Fairlady 1600 and Francisco Ortiz's 72 Datsun BRE 510 and Ralf Christensson's Monte Carlo Falcon.


993C4S said...

I've had the good fortune to meet Jay a few times (we're from the same home town) and he's always been very friendly and down to earth.

When it comes to cars he is very well informed and has a passion second to none.

Jay, if by any chance your listening, invite me to your garage. :-)

Gary Faules said...

In 1990 Jay Leno was invited to a 3-day weekend tribute to Carroll Shelby which took place in Palm Springs and consisted of the 5th annual Palm Springs Road Races, The Palm Springs Concourse de Elegance topped off with a dinner party where Jay Leno was to roast none other than Carroll Shelby. To top things off my 68 Shelby GT500 won Best of Show after I drove with my wife, two children and my mother in law drove.