Monday, September 29, 2008

Lucky Attends Car Show

This last weekend my wife, children and grandson spent the day at the Livermore car show. With over 700 cars in attendance Lucky was parked in a guest of honor position in the main sqaure while other cars were parked over many blocks. Any car show is a good car show but one that I can spend the day with my family at get's highest honors in my book any day.

With over 700 very cool cars there was lots to see but one of the coolest cars I saw displayed was a pedal car. It was a special built 75th anniversay edition of a 32 Ford Roadster but get this... It is signed by Edsel B. Ford II. Tell me that isn't cool as hell! It was being sold via a silent bid for charity.

To see some of the other cars there, CLICK HERE.

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