Friday, February 22, 2008

Time is running out

Boy do I ever remember what that pressure felt like as I hustled every day to meet my timeline while preparing for the 2007 La Carrera. Was it hard... At times yes. Was it worth it... Absolutely!.

But for many that may be considering this years La Carrera time is running out. North American director Gerie Bledso wrote, "Right now I have 56 new guys, vets, and those from last year who said they were returning, and there's a potential of over 60. I already have 28 deposits or full payments.

How many slot will we actually have? That is always a open question until June or later. Is there a real threat that the event will be sold out? Who knows. Last year they closed registration on me, but ended up with only 93 cars out of the limit of 100.

By the rules, North America gets 40 slots. Last year, Eduardo Leon eventually told me to cut the list at 50, not counting the Unlimited Class. Ooops, we ran over by four."

Gerie also wrote the powers that be in Mexico are not being as lenient as they have been in the past with regards to payments or the date they are paid on so for many there is even more pressure than there was in the past.

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