Friday, February 15, 2008

Tha Latest on Anna & Pat

It's hard getting up to the minute reports on Anna & Pat as they race thru the Swiss Alps in the Historic Monte Carlo but I have got some photos. It seems because of the extremely slippery snow and ice they took a turn for the worse but they are doing fine and even the car didn't suffer any serious damage. I know they also had some engine problems but I don't have all the correct facts yet. As soon as I find out I will let you all know but in the mean time enjoy some of the great photos of their little Porsche in some amazing settings. Man do I wish I was there. I couldn't help but notice that the little Porsche is in a similar pose as Ralf's little Monte Carlo Falcon was in Mexico. I guess that's how those Swedes park their cars.

After they slid off the road they heard a Volvo crash nearby but unfortunatly both teams had to wait a long time for a truck to pull them out. In the mean time the two teams had to make the best of it. Pat wrote, "In the meanwhile, we improvise a little pick-nique with the Austrians, putting together our reserves: chocolat, apples, snaps, ... And all together, the photo shows we looked quite "a happy bunch"."

In the meantime I will wait to hear what I can and. It reminds me of how hard it was to keep up the reports while racing in La Carrera. Poor Internet connections, little or no time to post the reports and so on. Regardless we are very proud of our Gals in the Porsche.


Francisco said...

Gracias por la informacion! es muy emocionate para nosotros y es un sueño correr ese gran rally!

Gary Faules said...


Todos tenemos nuestros sueños.