Sunday, February 03, 2008


Yesterday was spent mostly in a very high tech production studio taping interviews to be used in the new La Carrera Panamericana HD DVD along with driver's, crew, cameramen and North American Coordinator, Gerie Bledso. All three production companies were present and I am amazed how the professionalism in which this entire project is coming to a head. If we keep this up one of these days I might be able to say, "Did I ever tell you about the time I was a movie star?" LOL.

It never really occurred to me how overwhelming this day would be. As I sat quietly and listened to the extremely well organized question answer interviews I found myself transported back into that period of time as if I was back in Oaxaca or that I might walk outside and see Lucky parked amid thousands of fans waiting for us to take off again. I listened while others relived specific moments during La Carrera, some exciting and some not so exciting. It was very rewarding to hear the anticipation in other voices as they relived moments that we all shared together and that many others that were involved with La Carrera will enjoy as well.

Without a doubt, this is going to be by far the best La Carrera Panamericana video ever made. Both Veterans and rookies alike will love this production. Those who have been there will enjoy reliving the spirit of the event while rookies or first timers will be able to get a feel of the adventure that they are about to embark upon. Then again it will be good to watch to get ideas as to how to better prepare for their next trip to La Carrera.

Thank you to all who are involved and a special thanks to Gerie Bledso for just being the wonderful personality that he his. They were all great but just wait until you see Gerie's interview. There have been hundreds of man-hours spent in editing and production and the time is coming soon when this HD DVD will be a reality. In the mean time stay tuned as we hope to release a trailer soon. In order to get your copy and to be added to the list drop us a note at


The Sporting Life Society said...

Looking forward to seeing it!

Francisco said...

wow! I can´t wait to see it!!