Thursday, January 24, 2008

Will finds Daytona exciting

After getting settled in at one of the best hotels with an awesome view of Daytona Beach, Will spent the last couple days helping Team No Hot Wire's/Car & Driver get their car dialed in. Like any big race there are some issues that need sorting out and the weather has not been helpful.

Will saw Randy Pobst but both of them were so busy they didn't have long to visit. There was some real excitement when a car hit the pit entrance way too hot and came sliding into the pits hitting another car and sent a crew member flying past Will. This is only testing and things are already exciting.

In the photo you can see Will in the hot pits with his favorite shades getting things done.

Will said it's interesting to point out if you look in the pic of the beach, the locals say that as recent as a couple years ago the sand went all the way to where the first wave breaks way out there. The bad hurricanes and storms in recent years have taken away all the sand.

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