Friday, January 25, 2008

Live from Daytona

All things considered Team No Hot Wire who Will crewed for had a pretty good showing. Last year on the very first lap of practice they blew their engine and the entire last year has been an overwhelming test of determination to get them back to Daytona again let alone perform well.

That being said they performed very well in my opinion. Prior to race day they found out all the problems that they thought had been overcome were on fact not as good as believed. There were some issues with the electronic cams so as a last ditch effort they had to set the cams to operate without the advantage of computerized cams. This meant they would have to give up some all important low-end. If that wasn't enough, it began raining during qualifying.

Then there was another set back just prior to the start of today's race as a result of yesterday's qualifying. Ken Dobson who drove during the qualifying session didn't suit up for the start of the race so per the rules officials made them start from the rear of the pack.

In the face of all this adversity I am impressed with Team No Hot Wire's performance. Not only did they hang in there and overcome but in fact the final outcome was a well run race which brought them home in a very respectable 28th place. Team California's Best would like to be the first to congratulate them on a job well done as well as all our other California racing friends back there.

Will was a busy beaver today since not only did he crew for Team No Hot Wire but he was also kept busy as a tire changer for TEAM COBALT CALIFORNIA cars # 98& 48 owned by our very good friend Tom Lepper and also driven by some of our friends as well. What a small world as Team No Hot Wire finished right in front of another very good friend and driver Randy Pobst in car #181. Will got to say hi to Boris Said as he was being hounded by the press. Seems funny that Will is running into more California friends all the way across the U.S. than I am right here at home.

Tomorrow Will is going to be in the pits enjoying himself while the Daytona prototypes go head to head.

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Spyderman said...

A hearty well done to Will!!!