Sunday, January 27, 2008

Take the good with the bad

Here I sit while looking out my window as I watch the rain pouring down while at the same time I am getting reports from around the world all racing related. It seems everyone is going racing except myself. All self pity aside it's very exciting to hear so much good news all of which is very exciting and deep inside I find myself wishing I was with each and every one of them.

Anna and Pat are about get underway at the Monte Carlo and they take off officially on January 1st. Two chics in a hot little Porsche racing around the Swiss Alps in the Monte Carlo... Is that exciting or what?

Then there is Will who is in the hot pits of the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona for a week meeting all kinds of awesome friends and drivers.

And just a few minutes ago I got some awesome news from George and Tom of Dover Brothers Racing saying, "OFFICIAL NOTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Dover Brothers have officially entered La Carrera 2008. WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!" Two old dudes in a fast little Volvo racing around The Sierra Madras in Mexico... Wait... What am I saying!

The truth is I have always said I would be happy racing a wheelchair if nothing else but I have to say, Hearing from those who are already signed up for this years La Carrera finds a special place in my heart. As a matter of fact I am down right jealous and broken hearted that we will not be there this year. I will be watching everyone as close as I possibly can via Internet and reports from those who write in an attempt to be as close to all that goes on both before, during and after. Rest most assuredly I will be with each and everyone of them in mind and spirit.

In the mean time one of my favorite blogs to read is Marcia's blog who reports how the car build is proceeding on their little Nova as they get it and themselves prepared for this years La Carrera. It's like deja vu and I just love the passion, excitment, concerns, and all of the above.


George Sullivan said...

Tom is the old DUDE!! We have a lot of work ahead of us on the car improvements to be made and we also will have a crew chief who happens to have 40 years of Volvo experience. His shop works on vintage Volvo's

Gary Faules said...

But that's not what Tom said. LOL.

Having a Volvo crew cheif is a big advantage and making sure everything is bullet proof is too. I am looking forward to reading how things are coming along on your blog.