Saturday, August 21, 2010

Movie Review; Rebirth Of A Legend

Good day Gary,

I have just watched the dvd of The Rebirth of a Legend. Its so great, you have a fabulous video document. I enjoyed a lot the history of how the car was picked and built, the preparation involved in creating the team and how the race started to come a long and how is lived from within, with all the mishaps and learning from the team and the race. And how is enjoyed by everyone involved in it and even being a rookie wasnt a thing to stop from being a competitive team and achieving a great overall position and 3rd in class.

Some of the features I enjoyed the most are the great editing and sound and how the actual scenes were mixed with part of the history of the race and the comments from persons involved from both eras. I also liked the part of the autodromo, with the pace notes below. It really makes you feel you are there!

I have been a fan of the Carrera since I was a child and this dvd has taken up many notches my liking for the Carrera. Just watching it has making me want to build a car and race in it. Hopefully I can do it someday. I hope everyone that watches enjoys it as I did. And Im sure everytime I watch it again I will find many more things to enjoy.

Congratulations my friend!

Jorge Arellano Vital

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