Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fourth Annual LCP Get Together At Monterey Historic's Is A HUGE Success

Host Bill Hemmer and Carson Scheller really outdid themselves this year as this was by far the very best LCP get together at Monterey ever! This year the gathering was held at the Baja Cantina in Carmel Valley next door to the Quail Lodge. (Yes, the very same one where the best of show winner's car was crushed by the sound stage structure as he was being awarded his trophy)

Photo courtesy of Mike Emery.

The gathering was the largest by far and was enjoyed by everyone. There were many who have competed in LCP as well as many that are planning on attending future races. There were some fine examples of LCP cars on display and don't forget the food. The fajitas were to die for! Like I said, our gracious host really out did themselves this year. If you haven't made this event in the past start by putting it on your calender for next year.

Also on hand was Gerie Bledsoe and his wife just back from San Miguel de Allende to speak about the up coming LCP and take some questions. There was also some never before see 16mm movie shown.


carson said...

Great party with wonderful people ,beutiful cars and delicious food
Please save ALL the thanks for Bill Hemmer .He and his crew , along with the staff and owner Pat Phinny and wifie Gina made it all happen . WELL DONE Bill
a Ton of Fun . and soo glad Gerie and his wife and dog all made it back from Mex in time for the fiesta .OH LAY .
Ps great photos Gary

Francisco Ortiz said...


LScheller said...

Makes me wish I was there too!! Well, for 2 reasons - 1) to see all you amigos and 2) to get to wear a jacket!! It's HOTT here!