Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sometimes It's Good Not Knowing What We Missed

This is one of my favorite photos of the 2007 La Carrera Panamericana. It was taken by Johnny Tipler at the start of a speed stage on Mil Cumbre, a day I will long remember especially sice we won that stage. Yesterday I was telling Johnny besides loving the photo and what it means to me another thing I find interesting is that in the movie, La Carrera Panamericana - Rebirth Of A Legend, there is a scene where you can actually see Johnny shooting this exact photo which is easy to pick out because of the large dead tree in the background.

This is Johnny's reply...

"Yes that was pretty amazing. Around that time, not only did a flock of sheep wander across the road, but a timber truck lumbered out of the forest and came up the hill just ahead of where you are in the pic, he figured out something abnormal was going on and thankfully pulled on to the grass at the side!"

WOW! I sure am glad I didn't know all that. I have no doubt that had I known it would have created some sort of hesitation in the corners to come... "Are there any more trucks. Did they get the road closed properly. How many damn sheep are in these mountains? I wonder how much damage a sheep will cause to my suspension if I don't lift?" The bottom line is just keep your foot to the floor and don't lift.

Sure enough Johnny sent the photos to prove it. LOL. Thanks Johnny. You're the best!

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carson said...

great pics....
by the way does any one know the story of the portrait on the trunk of that 544 Volvo ?