Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 Chihuahua Express Has Been Canceled

The 2010 Chihuahua Express has been canceled. Today on the way back from Copper Canyon two Touring Class cars were involved in a serious crash on the freeway resulting in two fatalities in a Corvette and two in a Porsche were medivaced to the hospital. Sketchy reports say this was after the rally on the way back to the Hotel on a open freeway/toll road. Witness say these two cars passed them on the toll road going 150 mph plus and it was very windy.

The piloto and co-pilotos of the Corvette were Heberto García and Nanán Solana. Nanán Solana was the brother of the legendary Mexican driver Moises Solana.
The other car involved was piloted by Luis Angel of Brena and Gerardo Arevalo.

Touring Class cars are not required to have roll cages, etc and are not supposed to race and are required to obey all speed limits. It's a long transit back to the hotel and there is some speculation that they may have been racing each other back to the event hotel in Chihuahua City.

Photo courtesy of Kristen at WTF

Truly a sad day for Mexico, for their family and friends and for racing. God speed to those who are gone and our thoughts and prayers are with those in the hospital and their loved ones.

Our friends in a yellow 356 Porsche spun at the same place where yesterday's crash took place and there was light colored sand/dirt on the road.

CLICK HERE to see some video from 2008 showing just how dangerous it can be even with full roll cage protection


mjb said...

Oh God, Gary! My heart sank in reading your post. We were relegated to Tourist Class in the 2008 Chihuahua Express and it's hard not put the pedal to the metal when you know the road is wide open before you. We were lucky to have our 14 year old along with us as the temptation, to move at speeds that our rental car was not equipped for, remained reasonably well at bay. My heart goes out to the family and friends of these fellows. So sad...,

LCP said...

Gary, I am in Chihuahua - to confirm, the LCP tech we all know was NOT in the Corvette; he was in the Porsche. His name is Luis Angel de la Brena. Gerardo Arevalo was in the Porsche with him. No reports yet on the condition of the two in the Porsche. I will post on my blog if new info is available this morning. Kristin

Francisco Ortiz said...

I cant belive yet,Im so sad