Sunday, January 17, 2010

Raving Reviews!!!

What a wonderful evening Mari Chris, Jon and I had as the city of Martinez welcomed us with open arms at the sold out showings of the world premier showing of the movie about my race car Lucky and Team California's Best involvment. Lucky was parked right in front of the theater and I was extremely happy with being able to hear everyone reactions during the movie. Afterwards Jon and I were invited up on stage for a Q&A session which put me right in my element. Afterwards I enjoyed signing autographs and taking pictures with so many wonderful people and new found fans of Lucky. My wife couldn't believe how many ladies asked where Will was. LOL.

I would like to thank Steffan Schulz, owner of Strange Media for making this all come to be as a result of his amazing eye and many talents.


james_am10 said...

Hi I worked with Steffan on an unmanned airplane project where we flew both manned and unmanned airplanes all over the world for a global warming project. He was a superb video person and put together a video to allow us to show what we had done which ended up at NASA, DOE and many universities all across the US. When he invited me to come to the show in Martinez, I gladly accepted. I really enjoyed the videos but especially the Panamericana show. And I also agree with Steffan, the on board camera and sound was the part that brought the whole thing together. It made it real and personal and made you feel as if you were riding the car. Congratualations to everyone one of you. Great Presentation. dick jones

Dick Jones said...

for anyone who is confused on who james_am10 is.... she is my grandaughter. when I wrote the review the computer thought it was her... sorry about that. It is really dick jones