Thursday, January 07, 2010

From The Desk Of Mats Hammarlund

65 Rally Ford Falcon

You are dreaming about doing the La Carrera Panmericana but don’t know where to start? Make it easy for you by renting a car from Mats Hammarlund Racing!
When you rent this car you benefit from our 12 years experience of building and servicing cars for the Mexican Road Race. 2009 we had four cars in the top 6 including first and second overall.

The Falcons makes very good rally cars and has been dominating the Historic C class for years. They were rallied in Europe by Ford in the -60 and because of that there are lots of good parts that are homologized for these cars. For example, the legal weight is a lot less than the Mustangs. The light weight not only translates in a very fast car but also in less wear on parts, better brakes and so on.

This car is prepared from the ground up, just for the La Carrera Panamericana with all new parts. It has a Ford Motorsport 302 engine with a 4 speed Super T10 behind it. In the rear we are of course using a Ford 9 inch with limited slip. To stop the car there are Wilwood brakes in all four corners.

This is a true “arrive and drive“ deal. You don’t have to worry about anything. You fly in to the start, the car will be there waiting for you, fully prepared and ready to go. Because this race is so hard on the cars, we take everything apart every night to check for unusual wear or problems. If something is wrong, we carry a full supply of spare parts so you can continue driving the next day. After the race, the only thing you are left with are the wonderful memories of driving flat out on Mexican roads!

For more info, call or e mail.
From the US 213 291 1840
From Europe +1 213 291 1840


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LosVikingos_Ralf said...

What can I say. The Falcons a great car to drive. And it works fine in Panam. Mine have been there 3 years with a 1st place in Historic C and second overall 2006.
And then you add Mats team and you are a winner.

Anyone thinking of doing Panam, Go with Mats